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About Our Campaign

Hello Family and Friends,


Please help the Barracudas raise money for The Side-Out Foundation.

We are excited to be part of The Side-Out Foundation and its Dig Pink initiative, and we need your help to make our campaign successful! Funds raised for Side-Out go toward a clinical trial specifically for patients with stage 4 breast cancer, the most advanced form of the disease and the least funded area of research. Thank you so much for helping us to make a difference!


Sierra Debish # 1

Jordan Wormley #2

Lexie Papadakis #3

Annabeth Stover #4

Emily DuBose #5

Kiana Goldman #6

Alex Kemsley #7

Maddie Maxwell #8

Lizzy Shepherd #9

Sophia Arant #10

Allison Carpenter Coach

Keith Bon Assistant


Thank you,

15 Barracudas


Donor Dedications

  • Naomi Sidoner
    Good job girls, love you Kiana.

  • Brittney Sabula
    Great Job Ladies!!

  • Christi Kemsley
    For so many close to us who have fought, won and those who have lost their battle.

  • Holly Carpenter
    Best coach ever!

  • Bonnie Stover
    In memory of my mom, Alvine Wheeler

  • Heather Keathley
    Great job Barracudas!

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