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Donor Dedications

  • Robert Hauge
    In memory of Djehane Hauge who lost her fight with Breast cancer on Dec.3, 2011

  • Cindy Vaio
    Good Luck Owls!!

  • Wade and Mert Adams
    In memory of our dear friend and past Rice Volleyball Guest Coach, Djehane Hauge, who lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer nearly two years ago. Go Owls - Dig Pink!!

  • Mikki Hebl
    Go Tyler Jenkins and Rice Volleyball supergals!

  • Victoria Agee
    For all those survivors and for those who we remember.

  • Laurie McNamara
    In honor of my grandmother, Pat McNamara.

  • Helen Savitzky
    In honor of the many women in my life who have battled breast cancer

  • Tracey Lam
    In honor of Margi Beima, my brave high school coach, who has been in remission for seven years now.

  • Betty Bixby
    In honor of my sister, Nita Webster, who has been in remission for 17 years.

  • Elizabeth Bixby
    In honor of my sister, Juanita Webster, 17 year breast cancer survivor.

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